There are many network management software applications with NetFlow reporting capability; however,  only few provide features that truly take advantage of available NetFlow information. When one is choosing a NetFlow reporting tool, it is important to consider certain factors:
– What will be the main use for NetFlow?
– Is real-time reporting or historical reporting more important?
– Is it  traffic analysis including application and user monitoring?
– How much are you willing to pay for the product?
– Do your switches/routers support NetFlow?
– Is scalability a concern?

Our free NetFlow analysis software is exceptional when it comes to NetFlow reporting. It provides an environment where administrators have the tools to understand who, what, when, where, and how network traffic is flowing.
It gives you the ability to monitor users traffic. You can filter by IP address and find out who specific hosts have been communicating with, and how much of the bandwidth was used.  Not only host traffic, but you can also generate top talker reports.
It also provides the ability to define applications based on IP address and ports. Even better when your network devices support FnF for NBAR export, you can monitor applications such as Skype.
It allows NetFlow data archiving. This can be handy especially for capacity planning. You can generate, save and schedule reports to be emailed on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
You can monitor the busiest interfaces on your network and create interactive Network maps to view bandwidth consumption for every connection on the network. Moreover, If your network is very extensive, you  have the option to use a Google map with real geographic coordinates providing real device location on the map.
Our NetFlow analysis  software  also does network behavior analysis to determine potential threats based on threshold violations and generates alarms when a potential thread was detected.
EMA Awards "ANPM for the Masses" to Plixer International
Conclusion: This blog is only a highlight of what you can accomplish with our free NetFlow collector. There are many other very innovative and unique features not covered in this blog. For instance, Sphere, Matrix etc. Please, visit us at or feel free to contact me with question at 207 324 8805 x4
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