You just purchased Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer, and you responded to the request for the server’s IP address to receive your new Activation Key. You install that key in the Scrutinizer application, and get the following error message: “Invalid Activation Key”.

The most probable cause is that you have multiple interfaces in your server and the activation key was generated for the wrong IP address.

Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer’s activation key binds to the primary IP address. So if you have multiple interfaces in your server, how do you tell which is the primary and/or change it if necessary?

It’s actually quite a simple process, the hardest part was finding these instructions.

For a Windows 2000 server, follow these 6 simple steps:

1. Click on Start, select Settings, then Control Panel.
2. Open Network and Dial-up Connections..
3. Select Advanced, then from the dropdown menu, select Advanced Settings.
4. Select the adapter that you need to change the Binding Order.
5. Using the arrows to the right of the Adapter list, move the selected adapter to the top.
6. Click on OK to save.

If the “Invalid Activation Key” is not due to an IP address issue, the next most likely cause is that your installed a version of Scrutinizer is earlier than version 6.0.3 and you received a key beginning with “Sxxxxx-“ (replace the x’s with your product key). The activation keys beginning with “Sxxxxx” work only for Scrutinizer v6.0.3 and later.

If you have a version prior to that, you can either upgrade to the latest released version, or contact Plixer Technical Support for a “legacy” key for Scrutinizer. We can also assist if you have any questions regarding the Scrutinizer upgrade.

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