The one thing that Scrutinizer does not like, when your anti-virus is running active scans on MySQL database. MySQL is rewriting or changing files every second or two, and anti-virus active scan is scanning every time a file changes, which becomes problematic and will cause tables to crash when the Scrutinizer directory is not excluded from your anti-virus active scan.

Here are some symptoms that you will see when Scrutinizer directory has not been excluded for your anti-virus active scan.

  • Your Vitals tab will not display any information, or incorrect information
  • Your Top Conversations will Display no data
  • Slow performance
  • Table corruption
  • SNMP may not show devices

If you are experiencing these symptoms, most likely some of your tables are corrupted. You may download MySQL Administrator in order to repair any of the tables that are corrupted. If you are unable to resolve this issue, please do not hesitate to call technical support.

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