Denika is a performance trend application that works with Microsoft Windows. It is used to track and monitor bandwidth trends. Denika can provide you with real-time information regarding your network’s bandwidth usage plus display historical trends as well, allowing you to compare current and historical bandwidth use. While the most common use of Denika is to monitor bandwidth, it can also be used to record CPU trends, memory usa, hard drive space use, and several other functions, including monitoring scripts associated with database activity.

Denika is available in two different versions: a free version and a commercial version. The free version is available for use by any company that is looking to record its bandwidth trends. The company needs to support unlimited devices and reports. Once set up and running, Denika can record data for an entire year, and data can be saved as often as every five minutes. You can view reports per day, per week, per month, or take a look at your data usage for an entire year. Denika can easily and effortlessly integrate with many different network mapping tools, including InterMapper and WhatsUp.

The commercial version of Denika has a few more versions, although it does require a subscription fee to use. It allows you to set maximum and minimum values for all reports at once, rather than on a report by report basis as you must do in the free version. The commercial version also includes graphs that update in real-time and several other report viewing options.   

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