If there’s one thing to know when working here at Plixer, it’s this: Watch your back when April Fools comes around!

Last year, Tom Pore convinced Raul that there was a customer who needed immediate assistance. Of course, this customer being Mr. Behr and Mr. Lyon at the San Diego Zoo. Raul, being the “go getter”, didn’t bother to second guess Tom’s request and made the call.

The funny part was that the operator that answered the phone caught on long before Raul that he was being duped. Can you imagine that?

Raul“Good morning, could I please speak to Mr. Lyon?”
Operator “Sorry, there’s nobody here by that name…”
Raul“Oh, could I speak to Mr. Behr then?”

Operator – “…”

… and that’s what you get for trusting Tom.

In Raul’s defense though, we did have contacts at the San Diego Zoo, so that made “Mr. Lyon’s” request for assistance way more legitimate.

(I’ll pause to give you guys time to pick yourselves up off the floor)

This coming April, however; we could all find ourselves being the victim of one big prank…

Right now, there’s a lot of buzz being generated on the net regarding the Conficker C worm. The true danger is that 75% of the world’s users are running Windows, which harbors the vulnerabilities this worm exploits. To compound the issue, Conficker C is programmed to have all infected machines accept instructions on April 1st.

What does this mean? I have no idea, and neither does anyone else… and that worries people.

So what will happen when millions of PC’s in this giant botnet awaken?

Maybe some poor sap is going get the DDoS attack of DDoS attacks; maybe we’ll all get spammed with “I Love You!” e-cards; maybe the planet will finally be hacked…

To combat this, Microsoft has issued a patch that supposedly addresses the vulnerability, but it still wants blood from the person(s) responsible.

Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a bounty of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the author(s) of Confiker. That person must have some GOOD friends…

So what does Conficker C and Tom Pore have in store for us this coming April Fools? We’ll just have to see…


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My name is Ryan. I work in development here at Plixer. I mostly deal with hardware deployment. I enjoy kayaking and fishing during the summer and skiing in the winter. People can count on me and I always give 100% unless I'm donating blood.


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