Everyone has one of those days! You know, the kind of day when you want to stuff a basketball in someone’s face, or smash the computer.

The thing that drives me crazy is when the application goes haywire and nothing is working right; so I decided to uninstall it and start from scratch. I uninstalled the software, and reinstalled it. Now I’m, thinking, “Okay, everything will work. It is a fresh install, and I can get back to work.”

It’s installed and I open up the app and everything looks like it is working, but when I installed the app, I installed it to a different drive that had more space. I went to run a database query and the query was not working. At this point, I was ready to blow my top and take the computer and throw it across the room. I checked the services to see if they were running and they were.  Now I am really steaming. I decided to open up the properties for that certain service and it was pointing to the wrong drive, so it did not want to run.

The moral of my story is: check the service before you reinstall your software, because it may not uninstall your services and if it does not uninstall the your services, then here is a command that could help. Open the command prompt, type sc delete (display name of the service). This will delete the service.

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Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is the west coast Regional Manager at Plixer. He works with prospects to solve the unique needs of their network and visits existing customers to assist with training. He enjoys developing new partnerships and building long-lasting relationships with his clients. Jamie loves the outdoors and his favorite hobbies include fishing, hiking, and football.


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