Cisco Medianet Network Performance Monitoring, we’ve been hearing a lot about this lately.

So how do you know if your router supports it?

The quickest way to find out if a router meets the requirements is to check the Cisco Feature Navigator.  Filter on “performance monitor”, then add the “Performance Monitor (Phase 1)” feature and click Continue.

This will allow you to choose your device to further investigate.  You are given a list of IOS versions that support this feature and the memory/flash required to run it.

Cisco Performance Monitor support

There are 4 things you need to check on your router:

  1. Does the current IOS version support Performance monitoring? 15.1.3(T) is not enough.  It must be a build with support (e.g. Advanced Enterprise Services).
  2. Does the router meet the minimum RAM requirements for Performance monitoring or does it require an upgrade?
  3. Does the router meet the minimum Flash requirements?
  4. If the router is a second generation router, does it have the data license installed?

Important IOS CLI commands to help answer the above questions:

Show version – This will give you the version of IOS that is running.  It will also contain the amount of RAM installed on the router.

Show flash – This will give you a listing of what is on the local flash and how much flash is installed.

Show License – This will tell you if a license is in use or not.

license boot module c880-data level advipservices – In config mode, this installs the data license on G2 routers 88x,89x,19xx,29xx,39xx series ISRs. The portion in red may be different on different routers. Requires a reboot.

Okay, so you’ve gone through all this and found that yes, your router does support the Medianet Performance Monitor.

So what?

Well, with Cisco’s Performance Monitor and a NetFlow Analyzer that supports it, you can now analyze voice, video, and data traffic and report on loss, latency and jitter, providing the depth of information NetFlow has been providing for other applications as well.

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