The first day of Cisco Live Europe 2011 is going well. If you want to check out the new features in our Flexible NetFlow reporting tool, you’ll find us in booth E9, right next to the Cisco store.

New features in Scrutinizer version 8.5 include:

  • Network Performance Monitoring (e.g. Jitter, Packet loss and round trip time) all with NetFlow!!!
  • MAC Address and VLAN Reports
  • SonicWALL NetFlow and IPFIX support (see videos)
  • Juniper IPFIX Support
  • Enterasys NetFlow Support for MAC addresses and VLANs
  • nProbe IPFIX support: NetFlow probe and nBox
  • Intelligent Template Recognition(TM) to display reports based on data available in the NetFlow Templates
  • NetFlow Lite (NFlite) support
  • PDF Reporting
  • NetFlow billing module
  • Many new NetFlow and sFlow collection features…

At one point, Cisco was demonstrating Scrutinizer’s support for the new NetFlow Lite (NFlite) technology. Can you imagine how excited we are to have Cisco demonstrating our software in their booth!

Below is a picture of Seth Cornwall (left) of Teneo with JimmyD (right). Teneo is the European distributor for plixer.

Several customers have already stopped by.  Please come by and tell us
what you are looking for in a NetFlow Analyzer.

Jim D author pic

James Dougherty

I have worn many hats in my professional life. Support engineer, developer, network admin and manager are all points on my resume, but the one common thread with all of these jobs is that I enjoy working with people; that is what I do here at Plixer. I make sure that everyone understands our product and can get the most out of it. It's just simple 'no bull' support!

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help.

- Jimmy D


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