For those of us with Cisco ASA Firewalls sending NetFlow v9, here is a video I recorded on how to report on them using Scrutinizer v7:


You can find help on configuring the ASA to send NetFlow here.

May 29th, 2012 UPDATE:  New Cisco NSEL Reports in Scrutinizer v9.  Check them out.

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Michael is one of the Co-founders and the former product manager for Scrutinizer. He enjoys many outdoor winter sports and often takes videos when he is snowmobiling, ice fishing or sledding with his kids. Cold weather and lots of snow make the best winters as far as he is concerned. Prior to starting Somix and Plixer, Mike worked in technical support at Cabletron Systems, acquired his Novell CNE and then moved to the training department for a few years. While in training he finished his Masters in Computer Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University and then left technical training to pursue a new skill set in Professional Services. In 1998 he left the 'Tron' to start Somix which later became Plixer.


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