My wife and I finally did it… Thanks to our two children whom we call “Our little tax breaks” and a fortunate string of events, we’ve finally been able to take our first European vacation.

We just got back from Paris the other day, and I must say, it was amazing. It was everything that we had seen in the movies…

Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund from the movie Casablanca had already painted images of that city in our minds when they said, “We’ll always have Paris.” We were not left disappointed.

Whether strolling the streets of Paris and smelling the freshly baked bread in the morning, or taking a boat ride down the Seine River at night, or wandering the Gardens of Luxembourg and seeing spring at work; it was truly a majestic city.

However, as great as those things were, we both agreed that the day spent at the Lourve Museum was truly a highlight to this vacation.

Seeing works of art that I had only prior seen in textbooks made the whole experience humbling. Studying the marble statue carvings from ancient Greece, you couldn’t help but marvel how the artist could actually capture the life of his work.

I’ve never been much of an art fanatic, honestly. I could probably name a few artists, but if you put a painting in front of me and asked, “Who painted this Nate?” I probably couldn’t tell you.

However, I found out that I really enjoy the work from the artist Jacques-Louis David. All of his paintings just blew my mind. Nobody needed a camera with this guy running around with a canvas and a brush. But to emphasize the degree of this man’s talent, see the following painting:


[Image Removed ]


This painting is called “The Coronation of Napoleon”. Not only is this painting extremely detailed, it also is a whooping 20.5′ x 32′ feet in size. Yes, that’s about the size of a small house. It took David two years to create this masterpiece, and I loved it.

I guess when you are dedicated to a task, time is no object…

So, if you haven’t been to Paris yet and you are thinking about it, go.

It was worth every Euro spent, and we both had an absolute blast. As a side note, though getting pictures of the Eiffel Tower was really nice; actually being at the top was rather disappointing. So go with the expectation that you are paying eighteen Euros per head to say, “Yeah, I’ve been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.”


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