Since the launch of our Systrax community website, we have written over three hundred blogs and generated two unique cases of Carpal Tunnel to bring you informative and sometimes quasi entertaining content.

I think its time though to lasso in some of the highlights over the year into one summary blog for quick and easy reference. This blog will link to others that have answered some of the more commonly asked questions. We hope you enjoy it.

What is NetFlow?
What is sFlow?

Does my device support NetFlow?
How do I configure NetFlow?

NetFlow/sFlow configurations for:
Catalyst 6509
2810 Procurve
ASA 5500 (CLI, ASDM)
Cisco 7600 series

NetFlow specialized configurations:
What version of NetFlow should I use?
Should I monitor flows in the ingress or egress? What is the difference?
How do I enable NetFlow for multicast traffic?
How do I enable NetFlow sampling?
How do I configure NBAR for NetFlow export?
How do I configure NetFlow on Cisco routers for IPv6?

What does interface 0 mean?
Nortel switches and IPFIX

Help! I’m not getting NetFlow in Scrutinizer!
How can I see true Source/Destination with my NAT Firewall?
My devices don’t support NetFlow, what are my options?
What does MFSN mean in my Vitals statistics?
What is Flowalyzer?

Those are some of our hottest blogs of the year and I hope that all of our readers have found them informative. If you have any recommendations on subjects you’d like us to cover, feel free to reply to this blog and we’ll be happy to oblige.


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