Today let’s focus on the ERS 8600 IPFIX configuration. Avaya IPFIX exports: Source IP, Destination IP, Protocol Type, Source protocol port, Destination protocol port, Type-of-service byte, Byte/packet count, Ingress VLAN ID, Ingress port and observation point (VLAN or port). Now supposed you wanted to configure an 8600 to export flows to our IPFIX collector:

1. Avaya IPFIX is ingress only, therefore, make sure to enable flow exports on all the physical interfaces. In “NetFlow version 9: egress vs. ingress“, Mike Patterson explains why the practice is necessary in this particular scenario.

2. In addition, our flow monitoring tool presents data in a highly granular manner. It reports on traffic to the minute; therefore, flow active timeout needs to be set to 1 minute. In other words, the switch/router must be configured to send flows to the collector every minute. (See step 3)


ERS 8600:  Step 1 – Enable IPFIX globally


ERS-8600(config)# ip ipfix enable


ERS-8600# config ip ipfix state enable

ERS 8600:  Step 2 – Enable IPFIX on port 7/26


ERS-8600(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 7/26

ERS-8600(config-if)# ip ipfix enable

ERS-8600(config-if)# exit


ERS-8600# config ip ipfix port 7/26 all-traffic enable

ERS 8600:  Step 3 – Change the aging timeout to 60 second


ERS-8600(config)# ip ipfix slot 7 active-timeout 60


ERS-8600# config ip ipfix slot 7 active-timeout 60

ERS 8600:  Step 4 –  Add the IPFIX Collector

CLI: ERS-8600(config)# ip ipfix collector 7 <Collector IP> enable

PPCLI: ERS-8600# config ip ipfix slot 7 collector add <Collector IP> enable true

You can find more details on Avaya  IPFIX configurations in “IPFIX Technical Configuration Guide“. I hope you enjoyed this blog and  please feel free to share your experiences with this technology.

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