Advanced Netflow Integration
has been a hot topic with the customers that I have been working with in this past week.  Most of these companies  have been working with have  High Volume Netflow  and the idea of having “best of breed” when it comes to their Network Monitoring system isn’t new.  That is why I was happy with the release of Scrutinizer v9 since it has added to it’s ability to intergrate with many of todays popular network monitoring solutions!

Past versions of Scrutinizer have had the ability to integrate with many of todays top 3rd party network monitoring solutions. With v9 you now have the ability to integrate any Scrutinizer report or gadget  into another web based application. This added integration feature also allows you to pass  login credentials along with the URL of any report into any external web based application. This gives your current network monitoring application the advanced Netflow reporting that you need and allows you to build your optimal network monitoring system.

Anything linking to content in index.html should accept the parameters “user” and “pass”.  Here is a quick example of how to pass the login credentials in the URL.

http://[SCRUTINIZER URL]/index.html?user=[USER NAME]&pass=[PASSWORD]#tab=tab4

For an interface:

http://[SCRUTINIZER URL]/index.html?user=[USER NAME]&pass=[PASSWORD]?tab=tab3&popID=NEW&newFilterTyp

For a specific IP address on an interface:

http://[SCRUTINIZER URL]/index.html?user=[USER NAME]&pass=[PASSWORD]?tab=status&popID=372695&popup=1

 Make sure to read this blog about integrating the best Netflow analyzer into your tools.

Another new integration option forScrutinizer v9 is the Cross Check feature. Cross check will give you a dynamic scoreboard view of your network. It does this by polling your current monitoring applications and generating a score. Trust me when I say that this is innovating and exciting. Look for more info soon or come by the booth E4 at Cisco Live London 2012  to see it in action! You will find updates on the plixer facebook wall.

Now if I can only get the new Mix Master Mitch rap out of my head I might be able to get some sleep! “Scrutinizer can do the “what”, “where” and “who”. Arggggggg! Make sure to watch for it’s world wide release. It has to be the best one yet.

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