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How to configure NetFlow on the Cisco ASR

How do you configure NetFlow on a Cisco XR 12000 or Cisco ASR Series router?  I have been asked this question lately so I thought I would share this with you today. The NetFlow infrastructure is based on the configuration and use of the following maps: Exporter Map Sampler Map

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Cisco 4948E NetFlow-Lite Configuration: PSAMP

Are you looking to configure a Catalyst 4948E to export NetFlow-Lite?  In this post we will share the configuration necessary to make it work.   BUT first, I thought a few of you would also be interested in some background information about the NetFlow-Lite technology.  

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Cisco 3750-X NetFlow Support

Cisco’s Catalyst 3750-X now has NetFlow v9 support!! Using the 3KX module pictured below, you can now configure Flexible NetFlow exports on the 3750-X.  To find out how, just read on…..  

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Juniper SRX series Gateway supports J-Flow

There is no doubt that flow technology is revolutionizing network monitoring. In this  NetFlow/J-Flow/IPFIX/sFlow era, there is no need to settle with only knowing utilizations on the network. Besides, little analysis can be done in monitoring bandwidth only anyways. Scott wrote a blog earlier that made a valid point: “A

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Configuring Cisco ASA for NetFlow Export via CLI

Over  the last few weeks I have taken a number of support calls from customers who were looking for some assistance configuring their Cisco ASA. So I figured that I would take this opportunity to revisit some older blog subjects. In my opinion, the easiest way to get NSEL exporting from

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NetFlow from a Checkpoint Firewall

I wonder how many firewalls (IP Security Appliances) have been sold to date.  Since we have been in business, we have purchased 4. I can’t imagine a company being attached to the internet without one. Currently we have both a SonicWALL and a Cisco ASA.   It is great to see that

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