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Cisco NetFlow Collector: NetFlow Monitoring

Are you in need of a Cisco NetFlow collector for network traffic analysis? Do you have an overwhelming amount of traffic on your network, but no way to tell who is using all the bandwidth? You’ve come to the right place! Our NetFlow reporting tool has the most flexible reporting engine

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CiscoLive 2012 : NetFlow Webex

On my way to the airport tomorrow headed for London and CiscoLive 2012 to show off Scrutinizer v9 and our new video monitoring (e.g. Webex) traffic reporting.  You will find updates on the plixer facebook wall. This new version brings several new NetFlow reports:

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Enterasys NetFlow Collector

Do you need an Enterasys NetFlow Collector? Well, if you have Enterasys S-Series switches exporting Hi-Fidelity NetFlow, adding advanced NetFlow analysis to your network management tool set increases the value of that investment.

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Juniper IPFIX Support: DSCP Problems

It is nice to see calls on Juniper IPFIX support start to roll in. The other day I had a customer call in who was seeing unexpected DSCP values in our netflow network traffic analyzer, many of them were “23456”. This raised the question whether somehow the traffic analysis tool was

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Palo Alto Networks NetFlow Support

Palo Alto Networks NetFlow support is coming soon and we’ll be one of the first vendors to support it in our NetFlow Analyzer.  The team at Palo Alto Networks not only supports traditional NetFlow, but they also support deep packet analysis to identify actual applications such as Skype, BitTorrent, Webex

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