Free Tools

Free Network Monitoring Tools

Free tools we use and recommend:

  • Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer - A FREE version of Plixer's very own Scrutinizer
  • Flowalyzer - Test and configure your Cisco NetFlow and sFlow sending devices with Flowalyzer
  • IPFIXify - Turn system generated data into real-time Visibility and Insight
  • Getif - A great SNMP MIB browser
  • Qcheck - This is a nifty utility for running response time, throughput and streaming tests
  • STG - Realtime SNMP graphing utility. You need to know the MIB
  • TFTP Server - runs on Microsoft Windows. It includes DHCP and syslog servers
  • FTP Server - runs on Microsoft Windows. Several other free utilities located here
  • Wireshark - A packet analyzer that runs on Microsoft Windows and UNIX. One of the best values on the web
  • Nmap - A free and open source network scanning utility for exploring the network or security auditing
  • Zenmap Security Scanner GUI is also available for free, which makes Nmap easier for beginners and adds some features

If you have a great free tool to tell us about, please submit the description and the URL to the tool using our Customer Service Request page.

"Addressing copyright violation notices is another responsibility I've inherited. We use Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer with Flow Analytics to verify peer-to-peer activity once we receive a notice from a copyright holder."

Rick Coloccia, Jr., SUNY Geneseo