Companies are virtualizing their environments more and more as the benefits become clearer. Virtual servers bring several advantages:

  • Faster server deployments
  • Lower energy costs
  • Recover data center space
  • Reduce Disaster Recovery Efforts
  • Maximize hardware investments
  • Lower recurring maintenance fees

Industry Analysts Agree

"Spending on x86 server and desktop virtualization software technologies is forecast to grow at a 23.7% compound annual growth rate through 2014. The market is driven by organizations looking to lower total cost of ownership and increase overall IT effectiveness." Alan Dayley - Gartner

"More than 23 percent of all servers shipped in 2014 will be actively supporting virtual machine technology and more than 70 percent of all server workloads installed on new shipments in 2014 will reside in a virtual machine." IDC

Plixer offers all of its solutions, from Scrutinizer to the Flow Replicator, on virtual appliances.

Insight into Virtual Networks

Contrary to popular belief, virtual networking does not have to mean compromised threat detection or murkier traffic visibility. One of our goals in a virtual deployment is to maintain high performance and a secure environment just as we do in a physical network. This means not only anomaly detection and traffic insight on each VM, but also on the traffic between VMs on the same server.

Scrutinizer provides borderless insight into all areas of the network by using the flow technologies supported in most existing VM deployments throughout the enterprise. This includes, but is not limited to: VDS, NSX, ESX and VXLAN flow exports.