Time is money and our list of retailers face formidable challenges, including increased competition, dynamic economic trends, and the increasing emphasis on customer experience. Retailers require real-time information to improve decision-making and increase competitive advantage, all while needing to comply with regulatory requirements.

Incident Response Solutions for Commercial – Retail Stores

Retail Network Administrators are dealing with unique store-monitoring challenges. When hundreds or even thousands of remote sites are involved, sites that are down or on backup need fast recovery to reduce the impact on corporate profitability. Critical issues should be obvious when viewing the status of all sites.

Scrutinizer provides the insight necessary to determine what to work on first. Metrics such as downtime length, response time, traffic volume and even sales volume all become factors when determining the overall health of a distant store. Each store becomes part of an overall health measurement either regionally or companywide.

Our IPFIX and NetFlow Analysis solution extends visibility into all hosts and applications communicating on the network. Gathering details on individual hosts or entire subnets, the NetFlow collection engine provides up to 100 Terabytes of storage, helping ensure PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

NPPI (Non Public Personal Information) is never saved, yet details on every connection are kept indefinitely. Reporting on the data is simple yet flexible enough to allow for both include and exclude expressions.

Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer provides:

  • 100% of all traffic details of every host on the network
  • Availability and response time reports of all necessary network hardware
  • Threat detection of suspicious traffic with details on all hosts involved
  • Quickly drill in on odd communication patterns that circumvent existing security
  • Identifies and stops worms, trojans and malware from spreading
  • Powerful enough to handle even the largest networks

With Plixer Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow traffic analysis and IPFIX reporting, you will have the industry's deepest levels of visibility, accountability and measurability required for ensuring and maintaining critical applications and services.

  • Ensure and optimize network and application performance, availability and security
  • Leverage user accountability for security and network risk visibility
  • Measure and prioritize risks
  • Improve customer quality of experience
  • With Scrutinizer, we no longer have to invest significant man hours performing repetitive tasks to find solutions.

    Neal Gravatt- Network Support Specialist

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