It is critical for our list of hospitals and health care providers to have immediate insight into how their networks and applications are performing. Slow network or disrupted application delivery impacts business productivity, and more importantly, patient care. Access to Electronic Health Records (EHR), web-based clinical health records, ePrescriptions, inter-site communication, and online medical registries are all critically dependent on network and application performance. Poor performance, security breaches, and non-business network activity can make these applications unusable or inaccessible, potentially compromising patient care.

When it comes to hospitals, insurance providers, research institutions, private businesses and federal agencies, HIPAA demands that all these organizations be able to verify confidentiality and security of the information they work with on their networks, systems and applications. The penalties for security breaches can be sizable.

With the Plixer Incident Response Systems, you will have the industry's deepest levels of visibility, accountability and measurability required for ensuring and maintaining critical healthcare applications and services. Flow Analytics provides award winning visibility, threat detection and compliance support all in a comprehensive, scalable appliance architecture.

  • Track and account for healthcare employee network activity
  • Recognize unauthorized host access enabling rapid response for electronic protected health information (EPHI) access, alteration and/or destruction
  • Detect malicious and suspicious network activity
  • Leverage third party integrations for threat mitigation to remediate security policy violations
  • Profile hosts for violations of security policies
  • Continuously monitor hosts and network activity to identify intrusions
  • Leverage user accountability for security and network risk visibility
  • Conduct forensic analysis for security incidents

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  • Scrutinizer sees disparate applications, top talkers and how much bandwidth each one is using all from a much more detailed application/packet level perspective. Plixer's solution answers questions like 'Which device is taking up bandwidth and utilization of application servers?'' Basically, it gives us a level of control and analysis that we've never had before.We were paying for a gigabyte TLS connection, but the reality was that we weren't even using 50 megabytes.

    Stan Defreese - Mercy Hospital