Aberdeen Group found that "a company with 1,000 mobile devices spends an extra $170,000 per year, on average, when they use a BYOD approach."

Gartner predicts that 645 million smartphones will be sold in 2012 - a 40% increase from 2011.

Do you need to improve your BYOD Control? Implementing a good BYOD security solution should include reports that allow the IT staff to track who is using what BYOD device and how many of each type of device are on the network.

Employees using corporate bandwidth with personal phones can bring big concerns when it comes to network traffic monitoring:

  • How much bandwidth are all these additional devices collectively using and is it impacting business critical applications?
  • What applications and web sites are users hitting and what impact are these distractions having on productivity and how often?
  • What are the security implications introduced by allowing these devices onto the net? Many of these hand held devices do not have antivirus software

Given that the traffic from a cell phone browsing a web site looks nearly identical to that of a PC hitting the same site, how can a company determine the amount of Internet bandwidth utilized by the combined smart phone devices?

Monitoring BYOD traffic with NetFlow and IPFIX is one of the best ways to find out how much BYOD traffic your infrastructure is currently supporting. Loaded with accurate data, IT members can educate employees and remind them to use appropriate behaviors when using BYOD devices.

Our BYOD solution allows network administrators to gain clear visibility into how many BYOD devices are on the network. How many of each type (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) exist and which employee is authenticating them onto the network.