Rich media traffic monitoring must go beyond traditional usage metrics. Excessive jitter or packet loss are often telltale signs of a voice and video issue, but where on the network was the problem introduced? Where did the DSCP value change and why wasn't the traffic prioritized correctly? Voice and video traffic monitoring often needs to be done campus-wide and, ideally, when quality of service slips, thresholds are breached, notifications are triggered, and if configured, traffic is rerouted. Does your company have the solution to investigate and accurately report on all of this recorded information on an end-to-end or hop-by-hop basis?

Cisco Performance Monitoring

Plixer was the first Cisco NetFlow Partner to become certified for Cisco Medianet performance monitoring reports. This is a Flexible NetFlow technology that exports details on round trip time, jitter, packet loss, and other VoIP metrics.

"Scrutinizer provides detailed reports including the medianet performance monitoring statistics (round trip time, jitter, packet loss, bit/byte and packets, MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, VLANs, Domains, application recognition) to help you monitor and troubleshoot video, voice and data applications. These reports can help the network operator perform fault isolation of network issues affecting rich media applications, as well as track historical performance of various parts of the network."- Patricia Costa - Product Manager, Cisco Systems

NetCaller ID and Codec

New developments in NetFlow and IPFIX have led to some hardware vendors exporting VoIP details on Caller ID and Codec. Not only can our solution tell you the phone numbers dialed, we can report on the length of each call, as well as where the packet loss or jitter was introduced. End-to-end, hop-by-hop visibility shortens the trouble shooting process

Performance Routing NetFlow

Cisco Performance Routing (PfR) can export IP SLA details using Flexible NetFlow. When a router determines that a connection is a bit congested, it will evaluate existing flows and reroute traffic over different connections ensuring priority to time sensitive traffic. By using PfR and Cisco Performance Monitoring together with Plixer's Flow Hopper, administrators gain end-to-end network visibility on a link-by-link, hop-by-hop basis—all with NetFlow.

  • “I love Scrutinizer because it makes network visibility simple and fun. It has honestly put an end to the 'I don't know why your site is performing poorly' answer. Root cause analysis is quite simple when you can run a report showing the reason why a site with a T1 came to a crawl because some users decided to hit their favorite streaming media site or a system administrator accidentally kicked off a nightly backup in the middle of the day”.

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