Scrutinizer integrates with third party products

While developing Scrutinizer, our goal was to provide an easy to use and complete NetFlow analysis solution. As part of that strategy, Plixer has included "hooks" into the software to provide 3rd party application vendors and professional services organizations a comprehensive, yet easy method to access information within the Scrutinizer software architecture.

Utilizing simple web technology, Scrutinizer allows anyone to easily assemble a URL to directly search and display important information regarding the activity of a specific host or application throughout your network.

CrossCheck - Watch network devices via Scrutinizer and other applications through a centralized dashboard. CrossCheck consolidates application alerts or errors and helps alleviate device naming inconsistencies between applications. The status of 3rd party applications is reflected in the Scrutinizer network maps. 


Other map features include:

  • Sub icons reflect combined score of multiple 3rd party applications
  • Links can be based on saved reports
  • Links can be used to display latency between devices or applications
  • Multiple links can be added between the same devices
  • Availability and response time trends
  • Links between devices can be animated "utilization ants"
  • Up and down dependencies reduce excessive notifications

Please contact us if your company has specific integration needs, or would like more information regarding a strategic partnership.

  • "Because mashups can be created quickly and easily, they create possibilities for a new class of short-term or disposable applications that would not normally attract development dollars. The ability to combine information into a common dashboard or visualise it using geo- location or mapping software is extremely powerful."

    David Cearley, Gartner