"Scrutinizer assisted us instantly by helping us identify top talkers throughout the network, who they were talking to, and what they were doing. The graphical interface made analyzing NetFlow much easier, and presented the information so well it was an easy sell to management. Thanks Plixer! You rock! " 

William, Cimarex Energy Co.

A comprehensive NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX Solution

Scrutinizer™ is the leading flow solution for incident response, threat detection, historical reporting, and capacity baselining for both physical and virtual environments.

The award-winning network usage reports provide insight into users, applications, and network devices. With the deepest insight available in the market, Scrutinizer™ allows administrators to peer deep into the network to see where threats are originating and how the network is being used, reducing the Mean Time to Know (MTTK) and streamlining IT's Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) the issue.

Scrutinizer™ improves incident response and network situational awareness, ensuring greater business confidentiality and optimized application experiences. Benefits include:

  • Greater insight into the volume and type of applications running on the network
  • Greater detail into traffic traversing your virtual infrastructures
  • Stronger security measures against zero day threats, bots, and Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Peace of mind that intellectual property is protected and confidentiality is being maintained
  • Scalable appliances capable of flow collection across large data centers
  • Faster resolution of issues impacting business operations

Scrutinizer is the most flexible and scalable NetFlow Analyzer on the market for deep application insight and network incident response.

  • "Scrutinizer provides detailed reports including the medianet performance monitoring statistics (round trip time, jitter, packet loss, bit/byte and packets, MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, VLANs, Domains, application recognition) to help you monitor and troubleshoot video, voice and data applications. These reports can help the network operator perform fault isolation of network issues affecting rich media applications, as well as track historical performance of various parts of the network." [Source: Cisco Blog]

    Patricia Costa, Cisco Program Manager - Performance Monitoring

Scrutinizer Flow Analyzer
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