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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Scrutinizer is a FREE NetFlow - Network traffic analysis tool that uses the flow-based analysis technologies already found on many commercial routers and switches (e.g. Cisco, HP, Enterasys, Juniper, Extreme, etc.) to identify network traffic patterns and unusual host behavior.

With Scrutinizer and NetFlow users can determine what types of traffic are on the network, who is originating the traffic and who is receiving it. Troubleshooting network congestion has never been easier!

  • Identify which hosts, users and nodes are generating the most traffic on the network.
  • Filter in on specific traffic in nearly limitless ways; drill in by time frame, host, application, protocol and many many more ways.
  • Store NetFlow data for up to 24 hours or indefinitely with the Flow Analytics add-on.

*Scrutinizer is an enterprise software solution and is not intended for home use.