Distributed collection back to a Central Interface

Scrutinizer is a massively scalable solution for combined incident response, threat detection, and network traffic performance monitoring. Even when the environment is a mixture of both physical and virtual networks, our NetFlow solution provides the actionable insight required to effectively respond to performance and security issues. Distributed flow collection features:

  • Distributed flow collection reaching several million flows per second across dozens of collectors
  • A single appliance can support thousands of routers and switches.
  • Collection rates for each appliance exceeds 100K flows per second.
  • A central interface for viewing interfaces and collective alarms across all collectors.

By distributing the collection of flows, behavioral-based threat detection and performance monitoring can be done locally at each geographical location.

Scrutinizer Dashboard



Local and remote access to each server ensures that alarms and metrics are viewable from each mission critical location ensuring that IT teams are empowered to make faster, more informed decisions. Our architecture improves:

  • Incident response times - improving internal support
  • Change management - improving smoother transitions
  • Resource allocation and capacity planning - optimizing how money is spent

Network operation and security teams are provided with the very best. Scrutinizer is an award winning flow solution.

  • "Scrutinizer helps simplify forensic analysis by identifying applications, conversations, traffic flows, protocols, end users, domains, countries, and subnets. It can also be used to create reports on historical network traffic, proactively monitor jitter and latency, and issue suspicious behavior alerts."

    Jan Sijp, Director of Product Management – Dell.com