The savings offered by cloud services are starting to make sense for many applications.

Can your current cloud monitoring efforts help you determine:

  • What is the yearly cost to operate the data center for the application(s)?
  • Can the cloud properly service your mission critical application(s)?
  • Can you measure the service if it is outsourced to the cloud?
  • How will you troubleshoot connection performance issues?

With the introduction of the cloud, the tools to troubleshoot the network needed to evolve. The internal helpdesk and network support team will still be contacted first when application performance becomes an issue and troubleshooting performance issues related to these services can be difficult. Here's why: in cloud computing, where the application is physically located is considered a moot point as long as performance is good.

Why worry about performance issues especially if you have service level agreements? If a user has a performance issue, how will you know if the problem is in the cloud, within the local LAN or with the remote users internet connection? You will need to figure it out because service providers typically don't raise their hand every time a performance issue becomes apparent nor will they help you resolve the problem beyond their network. Local Network Admins need to keep service providers on their toes.

Cloud computing could take network troubleshooting to a higher tier and require greater traffic analysis expertise for the following reasons:

  • Encryption of the data packets is expected and could limit the amount of insight one gains through the use of a packet analyzer
  • It is nearly impossible to locate a packet analyzer in a position where it will collect all the data
  • Latency will be tough to measure, cloud service providers may point fingers when outages occur and Cisco's IP SLA technology won't help much as the bottle neck in the cloud can't be identified.

Scrutinizer provides the tools necessary to not only investigate and pin point cloud service performance, our Flow Collector can also be configured to constantly monitor service levels and report when and how often a service level isn't being met for a single user or for an entire subnet.