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Advanced Flow Reporting

" I am very impressed with the product that Plixer has developed and I’m looking forward to many deployments together. We are partnering with Plixer to come up with a world class user interface. "

Pritam Shah
Manager: Performance Monitoring
Cisco Systems


Plixer engineers work very closely with Cisco to deliver the most advanced NetFlow Analyzer for all Cisco Flexible NetFlow and IPFIX templates.

Scrutinizer delivers detailed reports on all traffic related to voice and video. Troubleshooting issues related to choppy video or voice has never been possible with NetFlow, until now. We provide dozens of Advanced Cisco, Citrix and other types of NetFlow Reports on the following:

  • Application Visibility and Control
  • Performance Agent
  • Performance Monitoring (Medianet)
  • Performance Routing
  • Cisco ASA NSEL Reporting
  • Smart Logging Telemetry
  • Cisco Trust Sec
  • NetFlow-Lite
  • NBAR and NBAR2
  • CrossCheck
  • Citrix NetScaler
  • Report Designer
  • Mailinizer
  • IP Grouping by subnet, IP, and range
  • Define application groups by IP and ports
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)
  • Cisco High Speed Logging
  • Extensive support for Riverbed, Citrix, Palo Alto, SonicWALL, Exinda, Juniper, Bluecoat, Gigamon, IBM, nProbe, VMWare, Extreme Networks, and dozens of other vendors with proprietary reports unique to their export.

Our solution can also alarm for excessive amounts of any of the above or a combination. Contact us for a special evaluation version of Scrutinizer.

Usage Based Reporting

As an enterprise or service provider, tighter budgets and competitive demands that drive tighter margins has pushed the need for usage based billing to the forefront of requirements. In order to effectively recoup costs for increased demand for bandwidth and higher quality of service, organizations must ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Whether you want to invoice on rate/second, total bits, IP addresses, ToS or some other combination of NetFlow fields, the Scrutinizer Billing Module can export exactly the data you need.

  • Customizable billing solutions for over usage and invoicing
  • Usage based on BGP, bytes, packets , ToS (DSCP): any NetFlow, Flexible NetFlow, sFlow, etc. field
  • Excessive usage over time based on thresholds
  • Flexible storage configurations


Advanced Reporting allows Scrutinizer to deeply integrate with the existing NMS. Not only does it fill the gaps, it can collect autonomous data, correlate and display it in a graphical way that provides an overall status, complete with an inventory of what application is monitoring or managing each corporate asset.

Download the Scrutinizer Billing Module Brochure

You can also utilize IPFIXify to convert syslog or other log details into IPFIX. Learn more about IPFIXify.

Aamer Akhter Cisco"For the last 6 years I have been working with cisco’s NetFlow engineering team, customers as well as many network management system vendors." "Plixer is one of the industry’s premier thought leaders. It is clear to me that Michael and the team at Plixer are passionate when it comes to anything NetFlow and IPFIX related. This is a company that is on the bleeding edge of NetFlow/IPFIX processing and has much to share with industry."

Aamer Akhter, Technical Leader & Architect for Network Management Solutions at Cisco Systems