Flowalyzer is a NetFlow and sFlow Tool Kit for testing and configuring hardware or software for sending and receiving NetFlow and sFlow data.

Flowalyzer can help IT professionals troubleshoot hardware from vendors like Cisco and Enterasys, as well as NetFlow collector software, ensuring that whichever flow technology they use is configured properly on both ends.

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Flowalyzer™ NetFlow & sFlow Listener

  • Determine which flow sending devices are sending the highest volume.
  • Listen for NetFlow on multiple ports.
  • Display packet count, version of NetFlow and UDP port flows are coming in on.
  • Display the IP address and DNS name. 

Flowalyzer™ IP Device Poller

  • Poll devices manually added or extracted from a Scrutinizer server.
  • Can be configured to be local or remote to Scrutinizer.
  • Sends polled results off in IPFIX datagrams to 1-2 collectors.
  • Exports availability, response time and polled statistics.
  • Sends syslogs for devices that fail to respond.

Flowalyzer™ NetFlow Generator

  • Generate NetFlow data to determine if the destination collector is accepting flows.
  • Send NetFlow in either version 5 or version 9 format.
  • Determine if the destination collector is dropping NetFlow data by comparing the flows sent to the what is received on the other end.

Flowalyzer™ NetFlow & sFlow Configurator

  • Configure Cisco® Routers or Enterasys® switches for exporting NetFlow data
  • Uses SNMP to make OID sets
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2 and v3

Flowalyzer™ NetFlow & sFlow Communicator

  • Run a ping or traceroute to any host.
  • Ping via ICMP, UDP or TCP protocols.
  • Communication responses are readable in a clear response display.

Flowalyzer™ SNMP Trender

  • Generate trend graphs for any SNMP-enabled device.
  • Custom OID support allows any SNMP variable to be trended in real-time.
  • Custom update period allows graphs to update as often as every second.
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2 and v3.
  • Save multiple sets of Read/Write SNMP credentials.
  • No limit to the number of simultaneous graphs.