Company Overview

Plixer International

The collection, reporting, and analysis of NetFlow, IPFIX, and derivative flow technologies is all we do. It is all we want to do, and we strive to be the very best at it. We only focus on value-add solutions that allow us to extract additional value from flows but, we will not be distracted by other technologies outside of our specialty. We are a flow company.

Founded in 1999, our award winning system, ‘Scrutinizer’, has been implemented in many of the largest networks in the world. We are 100% focused at engineering the very best behavior analysis system for cyber threat detection and forensic analysis. Rather than depending on packet signatures, our strategy uncovers unwanted communications by leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other derivatives. The company was built by network and system engineers who understand the need for scalable distributed collection solutions that meet the dynamic demands of security and network professionals; all our developers stay engaged with the user community.

We are passionate about delivering flexible flow-based solutions that allow us to narrow in on unwanted network traffic patterns. Whether the problem is application or malware related, Scrutinizer can uncover bottlenecks, network scans, bots, DDoS attacks and aid in the positive identification of unwanted data exfiltration.

To support our mission, we routinely engage our customers to understand their needs better and ensure that their suggestions guide our research and development efforts. As a result, we deliver a top-rated threat detection and forensic analysis solution that simplifies cyber threat forensics and application performance monitoring. With Scrutinizer, your team is network aware, and the business is more secure.

With the increasing awareness of security vulnerabilities, many enterprises realize that, despite deploying the best security layers, no network is safe from cyber threats. Plixer has responded to the customers' need for better defenses by teaming up with IP Host Reputation databases and creating dozens of algorithms that scour flows for odd behavior patterns that are indicative of malicious activity. By engineering a "heat map" that compiles suspicious events, we have been able to improve each customer's overall situational awareness.

Our Solution
Our solution provides a holistic view of the entire enterprise regardless of equipment vendor. By leveraging the latest flow technologies, we can provide deeper visibility in every corner of the network. Our software engineers work directly with customers to ensure that the solution monitors unique application performance metrics. The training programs we offer ensure that our clients are familiar with the forensics available for investigating Internet threats.

Quick Takes

  • Founded in 1999 and privately held with no venture capital
  • Headquarters in Kennebunk, Maine
  • Over 50 employees
  • Distribution: Direct and Partners in the USA.  Resellers and Distributors abroad


"As Cisco Catalyst 3650-CX compact switches continue to enable flexible workspaces and as Internet of Things (IOT) applications begin to be adopted widely in the enterprise, we will increasingly see access switches deployed outside the wiring closets. The new Cisco Catalyst 3650-CX compact switches with enhanced quality of service and application visibility capabilities with Netflow Lite combined with Plixer’s Scrutinizer demonstrate our innovative traffic management solutions."