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Use Deep Network Observability to see your entire IT environment in action, detect threats, predict issues, and protect your edge, core, and cloud.

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Uninvited threats and disruptions can ruin your day and disrupt your business, while you burn time and resources trying to figure out what’s happening and why. Act confidently with Deep Network Observability.

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Plixer Enterprise Platform

A full NDR and NPMD solution to protect your business

Win against cybercriminals and detect threats sooner by harnessing the network. Threat actors have to use the network and Plixer’s sophisticated solution will track activity across your IT architecture to weed out attackers before they have a chance to cause damage to your business.
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Plixer Core Platform

Essential network monitoring and observability

The unknown and the uninvited disrupt your days and IT gets blamed. Gain deep visibility and context into on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments to keep your network optimized and secure. 

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NetFlow Myths Debunked

Many people still underestimate the power of network flow data. Not only is it more scalable and easier to deploy, it is also a broad and rich data set for detecting sophisticated threats from on-prem to cloud.

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Your Deep Network Observatory

Plixer gives you visibility and context of event space and time so you can better understand what’s happening in your IT environment. Our 20+ years of network monitoring and management solutions help us provide innovative solutions that help you secure and optimize your digital enterprise.

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Networks are more complex and diverse than ever. Understanding the latest challenges to the industry is just the beginning. Stay informed on the latest insights and trends with blogs, white papers, datasheets, and more, written by trusted experts and people with first-hand knowledge.

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