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How we help you

  • Security operations

    Reduce organizational risk

    Network traffic analysis reduces risk by proactively monitoring for, and identifying, anomalous traffic generated by advanced security threats.

  • Network operations

    Optimize business operations

    Historical visibility, fast reporting, and accurate forensics for every network conversation lets you consistently exceed user expectations.

  • CXO/Senior leadership

    Maximize operational budgets

    A unified SecOps and NetOps platform reduces risk, lowers cost, improves efficiency, and allows the team to speak the same language.

Our customers

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Our products

  • Plixer Scrutinizer

    Plixer Scrutinizer, Plixer’s network traffic analysis system, collects, analyzes, visualizes, and reports on data from every network conversation and digital transaction to deliver security and network intelligence. It provides the insight and historical data needed to manage and optimize business operations while reducing risk by detecting and remediating incidents.

  • Plixer Security Intelligence

    Plixer Security Intelligence consumes and analyzes streamed metadata from Plixer Scrutinizer, dynamically combing massive volumes of machine-generated data and automating the detection and remediation of advanced persistent threats. It embeds the very latest in ML/AI technology and applies a crisp use-case-driven implementation that delivers real, trustworthy results in milliseconds. 

  • Plixer Network Intelligence

    Through the addition of Plixer Network Intelligence, powered by advanced machine learning (ML), network teams can precisely predict future network capacity requirements. In addition, network operation functions get automated, investigative workflows are improved, network traffic data is exported to external data lakes, and workflows seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow.  

  • Plixer FlowPro

    Plixer FlowPro probes support application performance management as well as defender capabilities for monitoring DNS traffic. From a single probe, network operations can efficiently manage and optimize the network, while security operations are able to simultaneously lower risk, gain data context, and respond quickly to security incidents.

  • Plixer Replicator

    Plixer Replicator aggregates, replicates, and distributes flow and log metadata exported from the existing network across multiple monitoring tools like SIEM, syslog, and flow collectors. This improves the value of the data while dramatically simplifying adds, moves, and changes and protecting the CPU of exporting switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

  • Plixer Beacon

    Plixer Beacon provides deep visibility and tight control over network endpoints (PCs, mobile devices, VMs, IoT endpoints, etc.), helping you efficiently track assets, strengthen security and compliance, and mitigate risk. With Plixer Beacon, you gain real-time insights into device identity, location, and behavioral data.

  • Plixer Risk Intelligence

    Plixer Risk Intelligence add-on for Plixer Beacon helps you easily evaluate endpoint risks, isolate vulnerable devices, and mitigate threats. The product assesses endpoint risk in real-time, providing a collective risk score for the entire network and individual scores for specific endpoints.

White Paper

Fighting advanced persistent threats – defense in depth through network flow analytics

Advanced network traffic analysis delivers the best platform for detecting and investigating advanced persistent threats.

Evaluate Scrutinizer for improved visibility, increased efficiency, and reduced risk across the security and network teams.

Scrutinizer lets you unlock the untapped network and security intelligence within your existing infrastructure. See how.