Management Team

Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson is the Founder and CEO of Plixer International. Prior to starting the company in 1998, he worked for Cabletron Systems in Support, Training and Professional Services. He is an experienced leader with strong insight into the industry and the needs of his customers. He has an aptitude for delivering high performing, value added, systems and service solutions to meet challenging business demands. He started the company as a one man shop and has grown it into a multi-million dollar organization. All this done without the assistance of venture capital. Michael is passionate about how the company grows, the technologies it pursues and continues to participate at many levels of the organization. By taking a hands on approach with the hardware and software, he works with the software developers and in quality assurance testing to help ensure that the products behave in a format that continually supports the collective vision of the company. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine and a Masters in Computer Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University. Feel free to email him or follow him on twitter:@netflowpm You can also read Mike’s blog.

Marc Bilodeau

Marc Bilodeau is a Founder and the Vice President of Plixer International. He started at Cabletron Systems (which later became Enterasys) where he specialized in their network management product, SPECTRUM. Later he became a technical instructor, where he provided training to customers and systems engineers in advanced SPECTRUM, programming and administration courses. Marc's background was staged with this award winning network management solution now owned by Computer Associates. He then shared his experiences with Michael Patterson to provide vision and development skills to create the award winning Scrutinizer and continues to help lead the development efforts of many of the application performance monitoring solutions and threat detection systems offered by Plixer.

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson is the Director of Product Development at Plixer and is the architect of the Scrutinizer reporting and filtering engine. Erik has been with Plixer/Somix since 2000 working as a field engineer, support manager, developer, and product architect. During his time in the field, Erik worked closely with our customers to understand the value of a solid traffic analysis solution with flexible reporting options. He also led the education efforts internally which has helped build a world class - responsive technical support department. Prior to joining Plixer, Erik specialized in migration and verification of financial accounting data.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown is the Director of Sales and a dynamic and charismatic sales leader. He has been focused in enterprise network solutions for the last 17 years, building and motivating highly successful teams. Scott joined Cabletron System (later to become Enterasys) in 1995, where he quickly advanced taking on ever increasing responsibilities in various roles. In 2005 Scott was recruited to build a sales team at Pannaway Technologies, where he was a driving force to dramatically increasing new customers and revenue. In October of 2011 he joined Plixer International where he brings his energy, drive for growth and focus on creating a world class customer experience.

Thomas Pore

Thomas Pore is the Director of IT and Services. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Dickinson College and started at Plixer as a Field Engineer back in 2004. Tom has traveled the globe visiting customers, optimizing flow environments, providing accelerated product training and advanced custom network monitoring solutions for the Plixer suite. Meeting with customers and discussing how to improve the Plixer solution is one of his passions. Tom understands the value of customer relationships, the culture that Scrutinizer inspires customers to participate in and as a result, he leads our Advanced NetFlow Training program which is being offered in cities all over the USA.

John Jerrim

John Jerrim is the Director of Security and Cyber Threat Detection. He is responsible for the behavioral analytic capabilities inside the Scrutinizer system that uncover malware and data theft. Prior to joining Plixer, John was a Senior Research Scientist at Damballa where he created behavioral detection technologies utilizing network flow analytics to identify the command and control infrastructure of botnets and remote access malware. He is also the Co-Founder of Lancope where he was the VP of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer. At Lancope he researched, prototyped and developed "real-time" solutions for products focused on network monitoring, security, behavioral analysis, and various network protocols.