Company Overview

Founded in 1999, our award winning system has been implemented on many of the largest networks in the world. We are privately held and profitable since inception. We are 100% focused at engineering the Plixer Internationalvery best solution for what flow technologies, such as NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other derivatives, can be used to deliver. We also love the opportunity to work with new exports.

The company was built by network and system engineers who understand the need for scalable solutions that meet the dynamic demands of IT.
And, all our developers stay engaged with the user community.

We are passionate about developing flexible solutions around flow technologies. Our focus is on network monitoring applications and investigating odd communication behaviors. We work tirelessly to understand our customer’s needs and ensure that their suggestions guide our research and development efforts. As a result, we deliver a best of breed traffic awareness solution that simplifies application performance monitoring and cyber threat forensics.

With the increasing awareness of security vulnerabilities, many enterprises are realizing that despite deploying the best security layers, no network is safe from cyber threats. Plixer has responded to the customer's need for better defenses by teaming up with IP Host Reputation databases and creating dozens of algorithms that scour flows for odd behavior patterns that are indicative of malicious activity. By engineering a "heat map" that compiles suspicious events, we have been able to improve each customers overall situational awareness.

Our Solution
Our solution provides a holistic view of the entire enterprise regardless of equipment vendor. By leveraging the latest flow technologies, we can provide deep visibility into every corner of the network. Our software engineers work directly with customers to ensure that the solution monitors unique application performance metrics. The training programs we offer ensure that all our clients are familiar with the forensics available for investigating Internet threats.

We Deliver Results
The advent of data center consolidation and increasing remote users has pressed companies to demand layer 7 insight into internal traffic related to cloud applications (Salesforce, Amazon, Gmail, etc.) as well as the ability to investigate details around DoS attacks, network scans, multicast storms and a host of other potential issues.

Plixer has enabled thousands of customers to take a performance analysis approach to troubleshooting and proactive traffic management. Our solutions quickly identify not only what device is having problems, but how, when and where the problem originates. In most cases, our tools can even help pin point the problem down to a specific user or URL.

After all, with a healthy network and accurate performance measurement:

  • Productivity can increase
  • Downtime is reduced.
  • A better understanding of security breaches can be gained.
  • Capacity planning takes less time for new technologies, such as Voice over IP.

In a well-run network, the infrastructure becomes almost transparent, as thin clients run smoothly, profitability rises, and IT management gets the recognition it deserves.


"Scrutinizer is one of the most important tools to manage network traffic. It enables easy troubleshooting of network flows, identify bottlenecks, top utilizations, helps in capacity planning and cost savings. I use Scrutinizer to follow network traffic patterns, to identify problems, and also to make decisions on traffic classification and priority for the important applications. The Scrutinizer NetFlow has the best network reporting that I have seen. It provides great types of reports, it is user friendly and also it is very useful to executive vision."

Rodrigo Delgadinho, Network Architect and Security Specialist - Cisco CCIE